Sunday, 12 May 2013


There are many people who are not aware about XML. An XML is also known as Google sitemap. It is essential for every blog and it helps search engine crawlers to crawl to your blog and index your contents present on the blog. Blogs with sub domain name consists of an XML sitemap which works automatically and keeps on updating the content of your blog. You can access the sub domain of blog by typing and then you can submit it to Goggle webmaster tool. When you will add custom or optimize domain name to your blog then you won’t be able to access the sitemap anymore. You need to access it manually for your blog. I will give you some steps which will help you to access the xml manually.

Following are the steps you need to follow:

1. You must go to and you will get the option to generate a XML sitemap for your blog by typing your blog URL address in the box.

2. When the generator will generate the sitemap of your blog then you must copy the text generated by the generator from the box.

3. Now you must visit your blog. You should open the dashboard of your blog. Go to search preference option in the settings.

4. Select the “yes” option in the search preference of the blog. You will get the “yes” option in front of “Enable custom robots.txt content?” and then you need to paste the sitemap content in the box which you have done in the first step.

5. After completing the pasting process you can save the changes.

Now you have completed the step for accessing manually. Now whenever Google will crawl for your
blog it will observe the robot.txt file of your blog and will crawl the entire blog again. This XML sitemap
is not submitted to Google Webmaster and we do not need to update it after adding and generating it
on the blog. All the new posts are collected through atom.xml on the blog and the latest content of the
blog is suggested automatically to Google bot. Therefore your blog contents will easily get index in this


  1. useful content and info provided in your post

  2. Is this posible: atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=1000 ?

    1. Yes Possible.. but then u need to go in webmaster..


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