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Blogging is Best Way To Make Money Online

Making money online from a living home is becoming a new trend these days as everyone wants to work on any online job. Out there, many ways are available to make money online like Freelancing, web design and many more but blogging is becoming one of the best way for making money online. Blogging depends on the expertise you have like if you're an expert cook than you can make "Cooking" based blog in which you can share your secret cooking tips with the world and can also monetize it easily. If you're are thinking to start a blog than this guide is made for you because below we're going to discuss that why blogging is the best method to make money online.

1. Its Easy To Blog!

Some people maybe thinking that blogging is too much difficult but believe me it's damn easy! Do you know how? Let me describe than. Everyone is blessed with any hidden expertise in this world. Blogging lets you make use of that expertise to make money online. Just suppose if you're a great business man and have enough skills about business than you can easily manage a business based blog. Just try to choose such niche in which you must be expert and next things are going to happen easily than. Yeah! About SEO and Blog Design, you can easily read guides about them and do according to those guidelines.

2. Anyone Can Blog! Age Doesn't Require and No Retirement

Have a nice example of me! Look, I'm a 16 years old young boy now and almost being professional blogger now. Whether you're a 8 years old kid or 80 years old man, blogging doesn't look at age. Anyone can blog easily from his home. Yes, in some cases government issued national ID card requires but for less than 18 years old bloggers, they can use B-Form or smart card for children specially or can also use parent's documentation. Another great thing is that there is no retirement like other jobs that are jobbed in any government or private company. Even you can blog on the last day of your life.

3. No Limit For Money To Earn!

Another great quality of blogging is that there is no limit of money that you can earn. Your earnings depends on the traffic you've and traffic depends on how much you work on increasing traffic or doing SEO and also creating content. So, more you work on creating content and doing SEO, your traffic increases and if traffic increases than revenue also increases. Sometimes you'll earn a single penny and sometimes you'll also a billion at single time. So, no limit for money! You can even find out your own methods to generate more bucks.

4. Too Many Ways To Monetize Blog!

Now the best thing comes here is that there are too many ways that you can use make money with your blog. Whether you fed up or don't get good response from any method, you can go for another method for monetizing your blog. You can use up to 5 methods at a single time to monetize your blog. Sometimes people also create such blogs that makes money without even displaying any single kind of ad on their blogs. The most popular and well used methods to monetize blogs are Google AdSense (PPC). BuySellAds (Direct Banner), InfoLinks (InText Links), Affiliate Programs, Paid Posts, Sponsored Giveaways and many more.

5. Almost No Investment!

Mostly people scare of investing their money in any new job or business but in order to start a blog we just need to buy a domain name which is not more than $10 only. Sometimes using coupon codes and sale offer, we can register domain name only in $0.01 a single penny that makes the investment almost nothing. We need to renew domain name yearly in order to make the blog alive always. A person can make $10x10,000 a year in which he'll just need to invest $10 only. If you're having doubt than you can start your blog with free subdomain but having own custom domain gives more profit.

6. Let's You Learn New Things!

Blogging doesn't means serving others only but it also keeps you up to date by learning new things automatically. While blogging, you'll meet with your fellow bloggers who may be working on the same niche as yours. Making communications with them and sharing each others ideas allows you to explore more about  your niche and improve your expertise more. It will also let you connect with some popular blogs on the same niche and from where you can even learn advanced things. Other than this, It will force you to learn search engine optimization that is important in order to drive traffic to your blog.

7. It Builds Your Fame!

Who doesn't want to be famous in today's world? Almost everyone will love to be popular around the world in that special expertise that you've. When your blog will be much popular, it will surely have enough readers from the globe. Those readers are your audience. As your blog will be spreading in the whole internet your name will also spread because you're behind that blog and people love to know that who's the owner of such special blog. The more you work hard, the more sweat fruits you'll get like traffic, fame, money, trust and more.

So dearest newbie bloggers, these were the reasons that blogging is best way for making money online. Not just earning money but it is also great idea for serving the world easily. Another thing that you should remember that just don't blog about money, try to serve the world and the world will let you make money for you by visiting your blog again and again.



Friday, 27 December 2013


          As crucial SEO is for our blog just as crucial are backlinks for a good SEO of any website or blog. backlinks are a major factor for SEO as  well as building a good PR for your blog.

So, it's must for any blog person to monitor backlinks of his blog to get top results on Search engines.

You are reading this article because you want to know which tools to use online for checking backlinks of any blog or website. So, without any further ado, below is a list of top 5 backlink checker tools which I have handpicked around the web and of course checked by me before presenting to you.


Here They Are..

1. Rank Signals


Backlnk checker 1

Rank Signals is one of the best tools online to check backlinks of your website or your competitor’s website. It also shows the sources of traffic of any website  or blog. The reason it is ranked 1st  is because it gives more information than many of the other SEO tools online.


2. ahrefs


Backlnk checker 2


The second on the list is ahrefs site explorer and backlink checker with the largest index of live backlinks with updated data after every 15 minutes. It is one of the most popular site explorer and backlink checker tool online.

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3. Open Site Explorer


Backlnk checker 3


Open Site Explorer is another online tool to check backlinks and this one is powered by MOZ. It is a complete site explorer which also shows Domain authority, Page link Metrics e.t.c.



4.  Majestic SEO


Backlnk checker 4


Majestic SEO is number 4th on the list with thousands of users depended on it to check their backlinks online. It’s also easy to use and lets you do more with it’s backlink checker tool.



5.  Small SEO Tools


Backlnk checker 5

The one in last is the backlink checker tool by Small SEO Tools. It is a basic tool which is widely used by users around the globe and this site offers many other tools like Page rank Checker, Plagiarism Checker and similar online SEO tools.


Final Thoughts

To be Honest with my faithful readers (I mean you) , if you are wondering which one is best then let me tell you that  I can’t decide which is best on behalf of you as you are probably going to check them yourself.

So, I am waiting for your comment on which tool is better to check backlinks online or are there any other popular you are using apart from these then be sure to inform us in the comment section below.

Monday, 2 December 2013


       Domestic fight

       After a regular posting schedule, there comes a time when you are confused about what to write  for your next blog post.

Many newbie or regular bloggers are often faced with such a dilemma. So, it is natural and let me assure you that it is nothing to worry about.

What you should really worry about is choosing a wrong or unrelated topic while you are in that confusion.


Avoid Wrong Topic

For example, Let’s suppose that I have a blog on blogging niche and I am posting on it on a regular basis, after some time I am all out of ideas and confused about what to write next; And here is the annoying part, while in that confusion I get distracted from my goal and started writing on fashion or any other topic which is irrelevant. What happens then, I will more likely lose my loyal reader’s interest

Or worst of all I could lose all of my readers.

I hope you get my point because nobody would want to lose his/her readers.

Following are some ways to stick to your niche and find a perfect topic for your next blog post when you get confused


1. Follow Your Passion

Write about what you are passionate. Think of any topic which you like and always inspires you to share your inner thoughts.

You need to ask yourself something, “Is it something you are happy to write about ?” if not then find a topic you are happy writing about it.  The topic should be something you love very much and are always curious to learn more about it.

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2. Clear Your Mind Before Jumping In

Can’t properly think of a fine idea ?

                                  topic ideas for your blog postFirst of all clear your mind of all the tension and stress you are currently in and open your mind’s floodgates to limitless creative ideas.


Write only if you are feeling enthusiastic about it otherwise it won’t work out good for you and it will feel like a burden, if not at start then eventually it will.  

happy if you are then happier is your writing and happiest is your reader.Open-mouthed smile

3. Know Your Readers

Many of you might raise a question that “What difference does it make if you know your readers or not ? Or does it make any difference at all ..?

Well, I have enough reasons to ensure you that it does make difference ..,

Yes, it really does !

Knowing your readers will give you a head start in helping you to find a perfect topic to write.It will give you a clear understanding of their needs . By doing so you will become aware of their motives or give you a clear sense of what they want to read.


Different Methods of Doing So

There are different methods or platforms where you can reach your audience and know what they are up to. You can check on trending topics they talk about.

Following are some methods to catch up to your audience on different platforms.

  • You can create a poll on Facebook or other social media websites and ask your readers what they want to read.
  • You can post something related to your topic on Google+ or Facebook and let your followers or readers comment what they think about that topic. By doing that you can get different views of various kinds of readers.
  • Twitter can also be used to check for trending topics or hot gossips.
  • Forums are a great way to interact with your readers on a regular basis and get updates about fresh perspectives of your readers. Probably this way you will never be confused again about your next topic as you keep yourself updated from the reader’s end.


These were some of my ways for choosing a perfect topic for my blog post when I get confused,

If you know any ways  other than this then feel free add your voice in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you, Always have. 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

As a new blogger in the blogging world, first steps could be very crucial for you and it is the initial steps that count most and decide the future of your blog.

You might be an fast and impressive content writer but it means almost nothing if it is not ranking anywhere near the first page in the search engines.


   SEO-Friendly-Articles myhittricks


       So, writing an SEO friendly article is of most importance for any newbie blogger who wants to rank good in search engines .

                             Therefore, some of the following steps are to be duly noted for the purpose of writing an Engaging and SEO-magnetic article.

Topic Research

After you have selected a topic relevant to your niche. Research thoroughly on the web.Analyze different facts and figures, ups and downs to provide a better image of what you are going to write.

    Read different views of different people about the related topic and see what others think about it and most of all how others provide that information and how you can deliver it to your readers in any way that grabs their attention.

That is one of the critical things that decides whether your reader will be back for more or not.

Keyword Research

  In order for your pages to rank proper in search engines, proper usage of keywords is most important.

              It is necessary to know beforehand what keywords or phrases people search most in search engines to get the desired results relevant to your topic.

Once you do a proper research of the trending keywords, use them wisely in your article.

          By wisely, I mean don’t repeat the keywords too often. Too much repetition can categorize your pages from “genuine” to spam in the search engines.


To sum up, your page will end up getting filtered out of the search results, which is , of course not good for the health of your blog. Sick smile

It is much more beneficial for you if you put the required keywords at the starting sentences of the first paragraph, if not , then at least by the end of the fist paragraph in your article.   


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Writing The Article

Now , we come to the most important step which is writing the article. It plays a key role in overall optimization of your page from the headline to the summary of your article.


Bear in mind that headline is the first thing that grabs the attention of your readers. So, the first thing you have to do is make a catchy headline to attract any passing readers that goes by.

   Your headline should be good enough to stand out from a crowd of other headlines , that is where you get the clicks from.

Making a attractive headline is one of the fundamentals of writing good content because no matter how great your content is , it is useless if nobody gets to read it. (if you know what I mean) Who me?


Short Description

Before actually clicking your post, readers are exposed with a headline and a short description. So, your first priority should be making both of them interesting and eye-catching anyways possible.

The first few lines of your article are displayed as short description along with your headline. Make your first paragraph the most informative part of your article and you will keep the reader engaged throughout your article.


Rest of the content

  • Once you have come up with a proper headline , continue with the rest of the article in a simple and understanding language.
  • Create a natural flow as you write to make it easy for the reader to digest. 
  • Avoid spelling mistakes and sentences that doesn’t make sense.
  • Don’t confuse your readers with useless words and phrases.
  • Use keywords that you have researched in your heading or sub-heading.
  • Use important keywords at the beginning of the article and bold few of them so that it will be easy for the search engines to show your pages in the search results.

Hyperlink Relevant Keywords

       Hyperlinks are specific text marked with a different color that point out the location of another web page. (a link to another location).

             within your article, add hyperlinks  linking to other relevant pages from your blog or an external sources where possible (but not too much). this could make your blog more search engine friendly.

Linking is one of the main SEO practices required to build up your blog’s page rank.

link building myhittricks              

Building Links To Your Article

 It’s great if you have written a fine article. Well, don’t just sit there. Now, go out and let the world know about what you have written and posted.

You can do that by sharing your article to different social media websites where you have lots of friends to share your work further ahead

 Comment on other  blogs which are related to your topic and place a link to your post in the comment. Anyone who visits the blog you commented will read your comment and also click the link to your post and …ta..da ..congratulations, you got a visitor. Thumbs up

These are the some ways in which you can write an engaging and search engine friendly article to attract more visitors.


       Do you also have something to say on the topic above ? then, Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

                     write article fast

  As an owner and an author of a blog you might not have enough time to compose a well written article within the time limits. You probably have other intentions you have planned for your day. However, your blog also needs to be updated on a regular basis.


How I Used To Write

When I first started writing for this blog I was facing the same difficulty. I had to write one or two articles per day but as you may know there were daily tasks waiting for me or more likely needed my attention. So, I got confused between my blog and my daily life. I had to put aside one of them.

         What I did was neither one of them. I just started trying different ways in which I can improve my writing as well as get it done within a time limit. So, what happened then, I have found many different ways but some of them actually worked far more better for me and might work for you too since most of us are writing web content.

Fast Doesn’t Mean Bad

Writing fast doesn't mean that you will lack quality in your content. but instead let me tell you that surprisingly, this way is far more better than the usual ways for most of the writers that write web content.

If you are reading this than you are definitely looking for time-saving ways to write a professional article. I am going to share some of my ideas on how to write articles really fast.


1. Writing Freestyle


write article fast tricks

This is a unique writing style because it brings out the natural writer in you as you write.

Just think a moment about what you want to write. Then start writing and don’t stop (unless, of course, if you have to go to bathroom urgently), just keep writing. Put your editing side on the table and just for the moment focus only on your writing, save the editing for later. At the moment stop worrying about your grammar or spelling mistakes and let yourself create a natural flow as you write.

Just forget about anything else and get it written under any circumstances. Because for it to be written it had to be started.

This way you will not only improve your writing but you will also convey your message much better AND all of that in much less time than usual.

Generally we often edit as we write ,  that is the reason our articles are so much time consuming. that is because the process of creating and editing takes place in two different parts of our brain. you have to do one of them one at a time, you can’t do one thing while thinking about the other. That is exactly what takes most of our time in writing articles.


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2. Setting A Deadline

You may have heard the phrase “ run like you stole something”. Well, I can’t say the same about writing, but, anyway you get my point. What I actually mean here is “write unstoppable”.

Now, you can do that by setting up a deadline to your writing for example, for a 400-500 words article set  15 minutes for writing it and 10 minutes for editing.

A stopwatch may be useful for that purpose but you can also set other regular things as your deadline like before you start writing leave your cookies in the oven to bake and write till the cookies are baked , after accomplishing your goal in the given time award yourself a cookie .Winking smile


3. Research Well Before Starting

You would not write to your fullest if you don’t have enough knowledge about that . So, research well before starting your article because once you are sure of what you are writing then you won’t have to check again and again if you are writing according to the facts and figures.

That way you will write more faster than usual and the information you give will be more accurate.

No one will beat you in that topic if you research well and what you write will be more liked and shared.


You can write an professional article in just 25 minutes if you follow the methods which are mentioned above. you have to do the writing part and the editing part individually. Setting a timer would certainly be helpful. Set 15 minutes for freestyle writing and 10 minutes for editing and making it pretty and professional.

These were some tried and definitely working ways to write your article really fast.

What tips and tricks do you have to speed up your writing ? please do share your opinions and comments in the comment section below. we would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

   If your blog’s first time visitors bounce off without seeing other posts or pages then your blog’s bounce rate will increase for sure. And let me tell you that a high bounce rate is one of the biggest weaknesses of blogs. And needless to say, Search engines particularly Google don’t like those blogs who have a high bounce rate.

   And you know what happens to the blogs that Google don’t like. Your blog will surely lose reputation and ranking if that happens.

               decrease bounce rate

   But don’t worry because I am here (as always)  and together we will get the better of this problem as I am going to share with you  some effective tips and tactics that pro bloggers use to decrease  their blog’s bounce rate.

                   There are many newbie bloggers who don’t have any idea of what exactly is Blog’s Bounce Rate. So, let me make it easy for them by first discussing that What exactly is Bounce Rate…?


What Exactly Is Bounce Rate . . . ?


              It shows the percentage of the visitors who leave your site without visiting another page or post . Let’s suppose that a visitors is directed to your website by any outer source and he/she doesn’t find what he/she is looking for….What happens then…, the visitor bounces off  ( leaves your site )  instead of staying any  longer.

There could be many reasons for that , it could be the design of your website or your site not being user friendly.

                     decrease bounce rate .


How To Decrease Bounce Rate ?

In this post today I will share with you some killer tips to help you decrease the bounce rate of your blog which is very crucial for any website.

I will also tell you the mistakes that newbie bloggers make which causes  a increased blog bounce rate, And how to avoid that mistakes. 

Following are some surprising tips to decrease the Bounce Rate of your Blog

Effective Content

It goes without saying that nothing strikes the reader as good as effective content does. You probably heard or read somewhere that Content Is King. Well, you might want to add the word GREAT to that phrase because it’s the modern world of blogging and not just any content will do here but you have to write great content .

As the blogging world stands today in this modern era , there is a lot of competition because of the increasing numbers of bloggers everyday.

So, it is important for you to write effective and sharable content because definitely Great Content Is King.

I have also written on How To Write Killer Content to help you write better blog posts to decrease bounce rate and attract more traffic.

Help With Improved Navigation

One of the best ways to make your visitors stick to your website is to provide them with the better navigation system by placing everything in a plane view from blog archives to recent popular posts. So, after reading the concerned post the reader click will no doubt click on other blog posts or labels right before his eyes.


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Keep Them Engaged

By “them” here I mean the first time visitors of your blog. Keep them busy and engaged by showing them more blog posts with relevant topics. First of all if your website has great content then the visitor is more likely to look for other interesting posts which are of course related to the one they are looking for.

Look for an eye catching Related post widget to install on your blog. By doing that you will increase the chances of your first time visitors to stick to your blog.

Proper Usage Of Internal Linking

Internal Linking ( or interlink to be short) is one of the best SEO practices. Use proper Internal Linking wherever possible but avoid interlinking too much because otherwise the visitor will get confused and would not hesitate a bit to close the browser window leaving your blog with a high bounce rate.

Another wise usage of internal linking could be done by interlinking your old posts with  the new one in result not only your bounce rate will be decreased but your older posts will also rank higher in search results,


Get Rid Of The Junk

There is something in this world that is one of the most precious things of all and not everybody has it ..And that is “Time”. Try not to waste it.

I am not saying that you are wasting your visitor’s treasured time but you might want to consider checking your website’s loading speed because it may be the one who is taking too much time to load.

Time is the only thing that your visitors don’t have much and it is not something they would want to waste unnecessarily…So avoid wasting your visitors precious time and you will get their attention.

Improve your website loading speed and provide them with a better browsing experience.You can also check out this informative article to know How Your Website’s Performance Can Affect Your Visitors which I have mentioned in one of my previous posts.

There are different ways in which you can take the load off your website. Get rid of all the useless plugins installed on your blog, only keep the ones which are useful. Don’t use too heavy design with your website for example heavy CSS or JavaScript can affect your blog’s performance. Too much Cache Usage.

Show The Best In Your Menu

Always Show the best in your blogging menu by showing your blog’s most popular posts right beside the content column.

Never miss a chance to impress your reader in any way. By showing your popular posts you will be keeping your reader engaged throughout his/her browsing experience.


Well, in the end we are always eager to know what tricks and tips you know about decreasing your blog’s bounce rate . So, please share anything you know or want us to know about the topic above .

After all, we would love to hear what you have in your mind. Don’t hold back and let your fingers speak of your mind in the comment section below.

Monday, 7 October 2013


             You are well aware that there are many regular activities that blogging needs (such as posting , researching , link building and likewise tasks).But during all that struggle, even though we read other blog's comments, we don't bother looking at our own blog and see what commenters have to say about our very own posts or blog.

Well, you must be wondering if you don't have time to read your own blog's comments , then why would you bother commenting on other blogs.

If you think like that, then you have to think again because i have some reasons that might change your mind about commenting on other blogs.


Following are the different reasons....


Staying Active in the Blogging World

  In blogosphere, that is obviously one of the essentials to do in order to let others know that you are really interested.

          You ought to make yourself available and stay active with them.

…And commenting on other blogs is a great way to stay active in the world of blogging.


Keep in your mind that relevancy is a first thing to consider when commenting on other blogs, don’t go commenting on any blog but on the blogs which are relevant to your niche.  


     Don’t ignore the above point as many bloggers do nowadays and they only think that getting backlink is important ….Well, don’t do that mistake , find blogs related to your topic to comment on.


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Get To Know Others

        When you comment on other blogs and stay active , you get the chance to meet new fellow bloggers. And once you get to know them personally they will visit your blog and write guest posts for you which will be a great advantage for you.

That doesn't mean that it is the only way to get guest posts but it’s definitely a easy way which gets the work done.


Getting Backlinks


   One of the main purposes of leaving your comment on other blogs is to get a  Backlink. Remember when you comment, don’t just leave few sentences, write a comment worthy of the content or whatever you are commenting on.

You should impress the reader by writing a killer comment. By doing that you will get a quality backlink as well as quality clicks.

Keep Yourself Posted And Get Informed

                     As I mentioned earlier that it is very important to comment on the blogs related to your topic so that you will keep in touch with other bloggers and know the up-to-the-minute status of what is going on in the blogging world .


Get informed of the latest updates related to your topic . This is also a great opportunity for the new bloggers to learn new things and keep them updated.


After reading all this, I hope you take blog commenting seriously unlike many other bloggers who do that mistake. 

…..And also don’t forget to leave your comment below to let us know what you think and how did this article work out for you.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

 The people are only attracted by engaging titles and headlines when the search engines shows them the desired results.

to be frank, creating a charming headline is the first thing to consider when it comes to making killer content. But it is not the only thing to depend on.

You have to keep your readers as engaged as possible and you need to be best at what you write. Therefore, it is important for your blog posts to be attractive in order to gain success in your blogging career. Though, it is not as hard as it is considered.

Following are some tips to write killer content


Add Killer Headings

Not only an eye-catching title attracts more readers but it also engages the reader all the time. Killer
sub-headings are must to have if you want to fully engage your readers from start to finish.

That way your readers will find it interesting and entertaining and they will have a better reading experience,
And trust me, they will be back for more if quality is provided.

Make Use Of Short Paragraphs

Long Paragraphs are one of the major things from which the readers often get bored and get chased away. Because they don't like to waste their time on long written paragraphs whether the content you have written is good or bad.

Many bloggers (most of the newbies) often do this mistake due to which they don't get deserved traffic.

So, short paragraphs are really important to keep your reader busy. And by this way you get long lasting visitors

Use Interesting Images

The combo of killer writing and killer images is what matters most in creating effective content. Every once in a while, your readers need to take their eyes off for few seconds and look at the images to refresh their mind.

the images have to be great as well as relevant to your topic.

For images don't depend on Google, but try to create your own or search for the websites on the internet which provide free quality images for your blog posts.

Use User friendly Language And Make It Simple

Most of the new bloggers are mistaken into thinking that they need to know advance level english to write engageable content, but it is sort of opposite to what they think .

The concept is better understood if the instructions or guidance is given in simple and easy language.

So, in order for them to understand your article easily, you need to put it as simple as you can without confusing them, so they get the idea better.

Share Your Experiences

When you mention your story or your opinion in the posts, the reader will find it a very friendly approach and it becomes more interesting for them.

The main things people look for in others are examples, or other people with experience. So, by involving yourself,you can make it a real conversation between you and your reader.

In an early post i mentioned about 'How I Make Money Online' and this post got popular over night.

Use Smileys and Emotions

Sharing your emotions and adding smileys wherever appropriate is one of the useful methods that keeps the reader engaged in a unique way.

By doing that they get to know the exact emotions you were feeling when writing the post and they get more

Did any of the above methods worked out for you ..? Let us know by leaving your comment in the comment section..

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Fanbox is a unique social media platform which contains a vast community of bloggers, buyers/sellers, advertisers and much more, while enjoying all of that privileges you can actually earn from it.

    Majority of the internet users are not aware that there is such a website like Fanbox where you can earn money while you get entertained, Well, who doesn't want that....? But there is a reason why fanbox is not so much common as it should be and that is because you can't just sign up without using an invitation code. That means you need to have a friend on fanbox to send you an activation code before signing up. Besides that if you've got a code and already signed up then you are definitively up for something interesting as well as lucrative.

                After reading all this, there is a solid chance that you would like to know different ways of earning online using fanbox.        
 In my previous post i mentioned about how website development can make you rich. In this one i will teach you some methods to earn through fanbox. By the time you read all this you will be able to earn through Fanbox easily.

Want to earn from Fanbox, following are the different ways to do so...., 


 On Fanbox you can create as much blogs as you want and post anything of your choice even if the source of your content  is other websites, Copying other blog's or website's content is not an issue as long as you provide the link of the website from where you have copied your content in end of your blog post. So, Earning on fanbox by blogging goes like this, fanbox will only pay you if another fanbox user visits and stays on your blog. The longer the visitor stays the higher amount of money you are gonna earn.

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And Also :    How I Make Money Online



            Selling is an another way of making money on fanbox , but selling what actually..? By selling i mean common things like household and other stuff in which other users are interested. You can also earn good money by selling your services to other users.


         Advertising is just what it sounds like, for example if you have a blog and want to earn from it by getting regular traffic then for that purpose you need to advertise about your blog post and earn by the visitors. Don't have a blog or don't want to create one..? then either way don't worry, you can also earn from advertising the blogs of other users and products also.

Sharing Photos

       Got many  extraordinary photos on other social media websites with countless likes and crowded comments....??? but you don't earn money from them, do you...?? Well, it is a different story on Fanbox . By sharing photos you can earn money if that photo get considerable likes and comments.


      After inviting a friend you can earn by teaching him about everything there is about Fanbox , since he is a new user he can use all the help he can get and if you are the one that helping him about Fanbox then Fanbox pays you good money.

So, how about it friends, you can enjoy interacting with different communities while you earn actual money from it..


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

      Long since 21st made it's way to a new future, the world of internet provided us with more opportunities than ever. Suddenly the number of websites multiplied , Since then web development become a more popular and a more engaging way of earning money and that 's not the end of it. I hope if you are wondering if you can make a fortune off of web development. You probably haven't thought about it before but now is a different time and definitively the best time to consider that. There are many smart ways to do so.                  

The question is, can you make a career out of it ? and the answer is Yes Of course. You will find plenty of folks across the internet who adopted it as a career and made a fortune out of it and that is not in a single way but in many different ways.

Fundamentals of a decent Website developer


          For a website developer you need to have not just good but knowledge of immense quality of the following Programming Languages. You are certified as a website developer if you have a proper knowledge of HTTP (Hyper Text Markup Language) , JavaScript or CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Nonetheless if you have furthermore knowledge of some more languages like JQuery, C++, JAVA, PHP, MySQL, DHTML and others likewise then it is more advantageous for you as it increases the demand of your skills therefore offering you with more available opportunities.

Methods to Use for Earning Good Money For a Website Developer:

There are many fields to consider to work your way through. They are as followed:

Teaching (Online or Offline)

Passing down what you learned or have a good knowledge to others could earn you a considerable amount of money. You can avail teaching web development as a career. If you are good enough in this field then you could get called as a teacher by many institutes with favorable income and probably extra bonuses.You can later work your way through from being a less experienced teacher to a much experienced one with exceptional reputation as well as  great money.

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Company Jobs

        Most of the companies and departmentals have a strong need for web developers as it is required for them to maintain their website regularly. Therefore, the need for such qualification has never been higher.You can choose from different firms as they provide you with a full time job. you can climb up the ladder step by step and eventually becoming more skilled and more experienced . Thereafter with more experience  you can find a sincere job in many reputable companies as they hire employees with better skills and more experience and so you can make money big time.

Freelance Jobs

   Not everyone who has a website knows web development and that is where you come in. There are many other freelancing jobs like 'Search Engine Marketing' and 'Social Media Marketing' whose need are growing higher day by day. Likewise Web Development is among some very lucrative ways of earning online as a freelancer and like many other web developers you can also find a career in it by doing part time or full time jobs which last long thus earning you a great deal of money..

If you are skillful and determined to work then you are more likely certain to succeed and make a fortune one way or another.

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